This video is about a son who has lost his eyesight. It is a video that tells a touching story of how one can easily blame others for something we have no control over, in this case being blind. In the beginning it is a sad story but as it goes on it becomes more understandable where the rejection is coming from, and at the end the son finally understands that when things happen we are to seek help and not blame each other but rather support each other.

The characters in the video are well-known members of the community. The respected old man has sadly passed on but his memory will forever be with us through the videos and audio recordings that he did while living. I would like people to know that San people can act, and with a little guidance they could go far. The young actors were promised scholarships to study acting but that never happened. People came, made a video, and disappeared, never to be seen again.

In this video there is also the musical instrument I was looking for.