How important it is to use water wisely. This is Tilda Viljoen Dam.

These past years, we received very little rain and because of the poor rain falls this dam’s water percentage has dropped. As we see, there is only little water. How is this affecting us, the residents of Gobabis Town? One can ask too many questions. All I can say is, it is a concern.

The rain is not like the olden days, where we used to receive good rain. In this dam, rain water is collected and it is sent to other dams where they treat it and test it, for health reasons together with other water pumped from the bore holes.

This dam supplies water to the town and its residents and if there’s no rain, it becomes a problem. Water is life, water is everything. No one can survive without water. What is the cause?

  1. Climate change.
  2. Poor rainfall

This becomes a true challenge for the population of Gobabis Town. The weather is extremely hot during the day and at night it is sometimes cold. Water in the dam is drying up, due to hot weather. When it’s too hot the use of water is increased. People consume more than in the normal or cool weather. In brief, I can say that in future we need to save water and try to get more water from the boreholes. We must be careful with the use of water.

Water tower, also known as a the image of Gobabis Town.

This water tower is where water is also collected by the municipality of Gobabis. They are supplied by Namwater. So far we are happy with the water supply and pray that the Lord will continuously bless us with the best rain. The more rain we receive, the better our future will be.