Sport is one thing that can be used as a tool to keep people together. In the #khomani community the youth started with a soccer team called ‘Kalahari Stickers’ to motivate each other to play soccer to ensure togetherness. The young bushman team tried their best to get sponsors to keep their players together and happy. 2 years ago they wrote a proposal to donors and last year they were sponsored and the young people became more successful. They were invited to play in the super league where they now joined it for the second year. Last year they were in the 4th place and they believe this year is their year to be the first one in the league.

The team winning the game. Kalahari Stickers F.C at Askham stadium.

Kalahari Stickers with the light blue set at Rietfontein Stadium.

The team were lucky to get 2 sets of soccer clothes, boots, about 20 pairs. Transportation the CPA helps them to go play out and give them good support when they play. Through the soccer team the community believes that the youth can united and create a better understanding of life by sports.