These are some of our musical instruments.

The three wooden carved ones in the picture are called Dungo. They are installed with wires tuned uniquely to different notes, in such a way that I would compare them to a piano, because every little wire plays a different note. Just like a piano, you can play high notes and low notes. The Ju/”hoansi people have been using these musical instruments for some time now. You can mostly find them in the Tsumkwe East area in Namibia. The Dungo does not have an age restriction. Any one can play it, young and old, male and female. Most of the time it is played when people are feeling good or are in a good mood.

The large musical instrument in the middle is the drum and we as the Ju/”hoansi call it !ahru. It is made of carved wood and nicely polished, soft animal skin. You can find it in almost every area where San people are located, regardless of their dialect. The Ju/”hoansi from Tsumkwe East use it during cultural events, and it is mostly played by young girls or elderly ladies. The young girls sing while some of the young girls and boys are dancing. At times it is done when the youth just want to have some fun.