Food is something one can’t live without, especially when there is a family. It was hard to survive, but Bushmen have planned their life in nature: by following the tracks of the animals and the rain they could manage to make a living. Men and women were gathering food, and in this process they passed their knowledge of the bush on to their children.

Food was prepared by the women and men were served first, then the others followed. The main foods were plants like cucumber, tsamma melons, roots, and some edible leaves that were used to spice up the meat they hunted, as well as the tsamma porridge.

Young cucumber plant

Now in the Kalahari it is still dry and the plants are a bit late because the rain was late. If you look at the picture above you will see the plant is still young. It will later get some flowers, and then the cucumber fruit will grow. You find nice cucumbers and others that are bitter. But they make nice snacks or salad.