These ground tubers are called #qo. You can only find them in some parts of Namibia and not all the San people know about them. Some see them but they do not eat them, for example people (!kung) from Tsumkwe West do not know anything about them and only people (Ju/hoansi) from Tsumkwe East know about them. These tubers are available throughout the year – there is no season in which it disappears. This is a picture during rainy season which just shows how fresh the plant looks .

This picture shows the pot in which the abovementioned food is being pounded by a Ju/hoan lady.

The G//uia plant grows during summertime, especially when it is raining. Before eating it, you have to pick its leaves one by one, avoiding the flowers. You then put those leaves in a pot and pound them together with the #qo tubers and other ingredients.

Before eating the #qo tubers, you have to roast them on the coals and mix them with another plant called G//uia, by pounding them all together in a pot. In the olden days, people would just eat the mixture like that, but now in modern times we would add other ingredients such as salt, soup and roasted potatoes .