The San people have always had the ability to utilize what is at their disposal in order to survive. Water harvesting, as an example, demonstrates this capability to stay alive. During the rainy season, when it is hot, tree leaves capture drops of water to stay moist. This has enabled the San to lick out the rain drops from the leaves to wet their tongues. They require only a little amount of moisture to keep going, especially while hunting to provide for the family. In desperate times, hunters would chew the leaves off the tree and suck out all the moisture, and then spit the remains of the leaves out. This is a tactic for survival that has been lost in time and needs to be recovered.

Leaves used for water during long hunts.

You can use the little bitter or sweet fruit to brew traditional beer, or you can just eat the flesh on top and throw the seed away. You can also use the the leaves for treating wounds by chewing them and smearing them on the wound. You can also use the leaves as a remedy for tummy aches by chewing and swallowing the leaves.