Maria Moss has worked on a farm since she was 15 years old.

Maria would start her duty in the morning at 6 o’clock when she had to make coffee for the white people and help with breakfast. After this she would go to feed the chickens while the people were eating. When finished feeding the animals, Maria would go back to the kitchen to clean up the dishes, and then she could eat. After eating she would clean the house, do the washing and then the (Nooi) would teach her the Bible and sewing.

Later she went to another farm called Lock Marree, where she fell pregnant. Maria worked for more than 10 years on this farm and her kids went to school from the farm. Maria says that the lifestyle on the farms was good for her, because she was in a situation in which she could afford to give her children education. She said the payment was small, but she was in a good, healthy environment and work place.