Hi, this afternoon I want to let my people know that if you are a worker and working on a farm, if you go to a white man and ask for work, some will give you work and some will not. And they will not write you in as a formal employee immediately.  The farmer will let you work for three to five days and then let you sign a contract, which lists the rules of the farm. Apart from this contract, he will have his own contract later on. You will see that you will not be able to work according to the contract you signed – you will work as he orders you. If he wants you to clean the dam, you clean the dam. You don’t work as you want, that’s why you must be careful to do what the farmer says.

One thing that makes me feel sad about the white man is that if you get injured or get sick, even for two weeks, he will drive you to the hospital. But later on, he will get tired of you and tell you that his car is not a taxi or an ambulance to drive you every day. You had better go and stay in the hospital if you are booked off. And the moment that you arrive back at the farm, he will start giving you orders. Even to go to a funeral is the most difficult thing. My people know how you are working with the farmers.