This is one of our ground tubers called //xukxam. You can only find it during winter. You can never find it in any other season. Most of the time you will locate the //xukxam tuber by the smell. When it is ready to be eaten it has got a very sweet and attracting smell that one can ever ignore and once you get the smell you will immediately start searching for it. It has a very tough outer layer when it’s not ready to be eaten and it becomes soft when it is ready. You can only find the //xukxam tuber in the Tsumkwe East area.

//xukxam tastes so good, we actually refer the tastiness to that of a banana because of the smoothness even though a //xukxam is a little bit rough.

This is what the //xukxam tuber looks inside. It is kind of orange-red and white in colour. When it is like this, it is ready to be eaten.