I made this video after getting permission from my interviewees.


An interview with husband and wife, about the differences between farm and town life:

My name is /hii!ao but we mostly work with the name Jose. The whites also call me Jose Tsamaxaob. I was working on farms, when I recognised that farm life should be better. Because you get water, milk, meat, salt and wood… These were the things we were getting for free. But the way the owner was working with us was not good. The salary was 1800 to 1500, always changing up and down.

When I moved from the farm to town I saw that farm life and town life were totally different. In Gobabis you will get difficulties, there are toilet and water problems in Gobabis, but only for one day and the next day you will be okay. In that way I think that town life is better than farm life.