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My name is Tekla Karupangwe. I was born in Smitchdrift but grew up in Platfontein, Kimberly. I am the first of 5 girls. Matriculated in 2013, studied and dropped out and looking to study again. Growing up as a small child, everything was good. People treated each other with respect and kindness. Thou poverty rates were high but all was well. As a child I was always alone, at home watching TV. Most things I learned from television. Then several years back life took its turn on us, where people were abusing alcohol, drugs and a high rate of teenage pregnancies. More school dropouts than matriculants. Young adults and small children partying and drinking. There’s no respect and kindness towards each other. Life is unimaginable, violence is everywhere. As an individual one has to strive, standout and be a better person. Wanting a brighter future for yourself. To be independent.